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1406 days ago
by Amy Parks

My Storage Solutions

Creating storage and utilizing space is incredibly important to me. It’s apparent in most of my designs such as the upcycled crates above my desk and the plant stand in my dining room (check back to my previous posts about these). I want to dedicate this entry to more of my favorite storage solutions.

These end tables are my most recent design. I created them for my living room because my husband and I always have electronic cords and chargers and various small items that we need easy access to but want them hidden away. I have these great bins that fit perfectly to store the objects. But, if you don’t need to hide things you can always leave out the bins and use the area for display.

These shelves are an early design of mine. I love to utilize wall space, and I like the whimsical design and the functionality of it.

These shelves are very simple, but extremely functional. In our house, we have a very, very small linen closet. When we moved in I had a ton of small items that we kept in our old linen closet that wouldn’t fit in our new one. So, I created these specifically to hold bins for all that stuff. These are just outside our bathroom, so it’s really easy to get to them. As you can see, I love using bins! They are such a great way to hide things but still be able to get to them quickly.

This coffee table is also an earlier design of mine. I feel like adding the drawers really utilize the space and keep things from piling up on top of the table (which always happens in my house). I love this table and hope you do too!

I love coming up with ways to utilize space, so if you need any storage solutions I’d be happy to help! I hope you enjoy my designs!

1447 days ago
by Amy Parks

Revived Furniture

One of my favorite things to do is get older, run down furniture and give it new life. A little sanding and paint can do wonders! These are a few pieces I’ve revamped.

I found this dresser at a yard sale in my little town. It was in horrible shape! The guy who sold it to me tried to convince me it was solid wood which was a complete lie. Plus, I could see the wood veneer peeling off in places. To his luck, I didn’t care about that because I knew I could fix it, and I absolutely fell in love with the shape of it.

It took a lot of work, but I’m thrilled with the result!

I was very kindly given a sewing machine as a gift about a year ago. However, I had no place to put it. I took over my dining table for quite awhile until this little sewing table was found. It’s perfect because I didn’t want anything too big, and it expands if I do need more space.

It was in pretty good shape, so I didn’t have to do a whole lot to it.

This bench was in the house I grew up in, and somehow it ended up with me recently. I’ve never been a huge fan of its style, but I do have some sentimental attachment to it. I didn’t know what to do with it, and I wasn’t willing to just get rid of it. So, I decided to do some alterations to make it fit a little better with my style.

I forgot to take a picture before I started to sand, so just imagine the whole thing stained.

I took the arms off to open it up and used a weather proofing stain so I can put it outside on our porch. I also made the cushion for it which was one of my first sewing experiments.

I am on the hunt for some more furniture so hopefully soon I will show some more revamps.

1547 days ago
by Amy Parks

My Favorite Room

The dining room is my favorite room in our house. It isn’t used very much, but you have to walk through it to get to one end of the house to the other. I don’t know if it’s the bright yellow walls or the fact that my creativity is in each piece, but this room makes me happy.

The dining set is a thrift store revamp. The color of the vinyl on the chairs was so ugly that I almost passed them up when I was on my hunt. The shape of the backrest got my attention, and I love the rivet detail on the back. Plus, they only cost $5! I’m so proud of that!

The table is nice and solid, but I didn’t like the laminate finish.

I created my dining set before moving into this house. Knowing that the set was black and gray I wanted the walls to have a pop of color. Once we moved in, I decided to keep the color scheme of the dining set throughout the room. I added the light fixture and the artwork on the walls. I have to do a shout out to my friend Jana who gave me the artwork that’s in the frames. Thanks, Jana! I love these pictures and they look great in this room.

The area rug started out dull and boring, so I added the geometric pattern.

This room gets the most light, so keeping plants in here is a must. I designed and built this storage unit specifically for this spot beneath the windows.

That is my sunny, yellow room! Hope you like it as much as I do!

1563 days ago
by Amy Parks

Light it Up!

I’ve always loved modern light fixtures and lamps. Electrical wiring, on the other hand, has always kinda scared me. Despite my fear I decided to try my hand at creating some lighting of my own.

I found this awesome vase thing at a thrift store. I’m really not sure what it was originally, but I thought it would make a perfect base for a lamp.

At another thrift store, I found a white lamp shade that was the exact size and shape I wanted for the base. I painted the shade and then added the see-through fabric. After installing the socket, I finished my first lamp!

Continuing that same concept, I created a matching set of lamps using vases found at thrift stores. I am absolutely in love with the fabric I found for these shades!

During one of my thrift store hunts, I found some amazing glass shades. I decided to try to make them into a hanging fixture. At the time, I lived in an apartment and couldn’t actually install a ceiling fixture so I tried to make a hanging lamp. It was an epic fail! I completed it, wiring and all, but the way it hung was really ugly. It needed to be a mounted to the ceiling. I set it aside and left it alone for awhile. Once I moved into my current house I was able to finish and install it. I am very happy with the outcome…

This is hanging in my dining room which is my favorite room in our house. Come back again and I’ll show you more of this bright yellow room.

1573 days ago
by Amy Parks

An Introduction to Me

Hey everyone! This is my very first blog. I’m super excited but kinda nervous. Let me take a minute to explain what it is I love to do. I love to design home furnishings from furniture to wall art to storage solutions. One of the things I find fascinating and challenging is upcycling…taking something unused, discarded, or boring and turning it into something new and different. It thrills me to see an item at a thrift store and immediately know how I can transform it and create something useful.

Here’s a glimpse of what I’ll be sharing with you.

When we moved into our house I wanted to create a workspace but didn’t have a desk. I couldn’t find what I wanted for the price I wanted. So…I built one!

Then I found these great old Pepsi crates at a flea market.

I instantly envisioned them as wall storage. So, I cleaned them up a little (not too much because I still wanted them to look old and warn), and hung them above my desk. The result is my fabulous work space!

Stay tuned for more of my creations!