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An Introduction to Me


Hey everyone! This is my very first blog. I’m super excited but kinda nervous. Let me take a minute to explain what it is I love to do. I love to design home furnishings from furniture to wall art to storage solutions. One of the things I find fascinating and challenging is upcycling…taking something unused, discarded, or boring and turning it into something new and different. It thrills me to see an item at a thrift store and immediately know how I can transform it and create something useful.

Here’s a glimpse of what I’ll be sharing with you.

When we moved into our house I wanted to create a workspace but didn’t have a desk. I couldn’t find what I wanted for the price I wanted. So…I built one!

Then I found these great old Pepsi crates at a flea market.

I instantly envisioned them as wall storage. So, I cleaned them up a little (not too much because I still wanted them to look old and warn), and hung them above my desk. The result is my fabulous work space!

Stay tuned for more of my creations!


    1. hey, this is a nice blog. even if you are a new blogger. I appreciate all your posts. its very good and the furnitures are great and what you did to them is amazing

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