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Creating storage and utilizing space is incredibly important to me. It’s apparent in most of my designs such as the upcycled crates above my desk and the plant stand in my dining room (check back to my previous posts about these). I want to dedicate this entry to more of my favorite storage solutions.

These end tables are my most recent design. I created them for my living room because my husband and I always have electronic cords and chargers and various small items that we need easy access to but want them hidden away. I have these great bins that fit perfectly to store the objects. But, if you don’t need to hide things you can always leave out the bins and use the area for display.

These shelves are an early design of mine. I love to utilize wall space, and I like the whimsical design and the functionality of it.

These shelves are very simple, but extremely functional. In our house, we have a very, very small linen closet. When we moved in I had a ton of small items that we kept in our old linen closet that wouldn’t fit in our new one. So, I created these specifically to hold bins for all that stuff. These are just outside our bathroom, so it’s really easy to get to them. As you can see, I love using bins! They are such a great way to hide things but still be able to get to them quickly.

This coffee table is also an earlier design of mine. I feel like adding the drawers really utilize the space and keep things from piling up on top of the table (which always happens in my house). I love this table and hope you do too!

I love coming up with ways to utilize space, so if you need any storage solutions I’d be happy to help! I hope you enjoy my designs!


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